by Jill Winters

September 2002
ISBN: 0-451-41048-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Onyx
Mass Market Paperback

Lonnie Kelly temps for a law firm in Boston called "Twit & Bell". The lawyers themselves are a strange lot - Twit and Bell dislike each other and try to find dirt on the other to get the other to leave the firm. The lawyers range from happy go lucky, to a kiss up, to "don't get in my way or I will crush you with my shoe" type of personalities. Lonnie's co-workers are just as strange, from one who is always talking about her family and wealth, to one that dislikes Lonnie and does everything in her power to make her life miserable.

When Mr. Bell turns up dead at the company Christmas party, who should find him dead in the coat closet? None other than Lonnie and her new love Dominick, who went there to make out. Being questioned by the police is not the highlight of Lonnie's life; in fact, Detective Montgomery grills her then asks her to help report anything odd going on in the office. Detective Montgomery is a character by himself, he has a sense of humor and he actually flirts with Lonnie.

Then there is Dominick, the new love of Lonnie's life after the psycho platonic ex-boyfriend Terry, who says the meanest things to her. Dominick is a handsome man that actually knew Lonnie in college and has been infatuated with her since. After a chance meeting, they start sending emails to one another and going out to lunch. Dominick is the best thing that has happened to Lonnie and their love is not platonic.

Plum Girl is the debut novel for Jill Winters. Ms. Winters was able to catch my attention with the wit of Lonnie Kelly and her life in general and the mishaps she has along the way. This is definitely a fast paced, quick witted, quirky remarks read. If you are looking for a book that revolves around a dead man, a psycho boyfriend then ex-boyfriend and a sister that wants to help draw people out of their shells and a new love, then Plum Girl is for you.

Reviewed in August 2002 by Pam.

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