by Sandy Curtis

June 2001
ISBN: 0-330-36249-6
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Mass Market Paperback

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Close your windows and doors, draw the curtains and curl up in your bed with Sandy Curtis' Dance With The Devil - a book that will frazzle your nerves and leave your skin tingling!

Isolated, humid heat, storms filled with electricity, the wonder of giving birth and a newborn life, the danger of crocodiles, snakes and untamed nature, bodies responding to the calls of nature (impulsive, passionate and heated), an unseen thread, fear and longing battling for their share of attention, emotions and feelings with no way to escape scrutiny, no place to hide from hurt and disappointment - all that is not Queensland, the sunshine state, but as described in Dance With The Devil, a side of it that is dark, disturbing, seductive and dangerous.

An evil man seeking revenge for suffered pain and the fear for an immortal soul finds strength in his misguided beliefs of holy justice to kill the men responsible. A not-completed crucifixion, and the help of a helpless woman, find Drew Jarrett, the first victim, at Emma Randall's, the only doctor in the hinterland. Drawn together by nature, an enemy and an intense attraction, Drew and Emma find themselves in constant danger while trying to hunt down the killer.

It is not an easy partnership as prejudice and fear endanger their fragile relationship.

Sandy Curtis' competent, steady and strong voice gives the reader the freedom to concentrate on well- drawn characters and a riveting story with love scenes that are not only hot, but also radiate tenderness and love in an exchange of giving and taking.

Ms. Curtis achieves a sense of awe for the beauty and power of Queensland, and its population, better than any guidebook. A location familiar to Sandy Curtis, a native of Queensland, exotic in its wildlife and vegetation, seduces and fascinates the readers; it had me yearning in desire to experience it first-hand.

Dance With The Devil is Sandy Curtis' first print published book. Unfortunately, this title is only available in Australia and soon in Germany. I urge you to look out for it, ask your friends Down Under to send it to you or to order it online. It is a book worth the entire hassle!

Reviewed in September 2001 by Kris Alice.

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