by Barbara Sheridan

February 2006
ISBN: 1-905393-30-X
Reviewer Graphic Button Linden Bay Romance

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Roberta aka Bobbie owns her own auto repair shop and is a mechanic there as well. Things havenít been going that well and she really needs to bring in business. And she also needs to hire a mechanic to help with all of it as well.

In walks Justin a blast from her past and one that she had romantic feelings for. That is until he just up and enlisted into the Marines. One day he was there the next he wasnít and Bobbie never got over the effect of him leaving.

Now he is back and needs a job. He used to work in the garage when Bobbieís father owned it. So he knows his way around and he is sure to bring in more business. But can Bobbie handle having him in her life everyday? Or will the old hurt and the love she felt for him re-blossom?

Justin has his own motives to try and get back into the good graces of Bobbie. He needs to find a wife. His ex-mother-in-law doesnít like the fact that Justin wants his daughter to live with him. But in order to do that from his lawyer, with him out of the military now, he needs to have a stable job and marry. So that leaves Bobbie. Will she agree to be his wife and help him out so he can get his daughter to live with them?

Ms. Sheridan gives us a wonderful story of second chances, not only for Justin and Bobbie but for Justin and his daughter as well. The interaction between Bobbie and Justin at the beginning is hostile to say the least. Justin is his typical self that Bobbie remembers, but he is also the man that she loves and never got over. There are a few accidents along the way that pull Justin and Bobbie closer. The love and attraction is still there lying dormant for all these years. Of course, we canít forget Justinís daughter and the havoc she plays with their lives.

If you looking for a satisfying read of second chances, some mayhem brought on by almost all involved and finally the love and happy ending then pick up a copy of All or Nothing. Because that is what it will take for these people to have their happy ending, they want it all or nothing at all.

Reviewed in September 2006 by Pam.

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