by Adele Ashworth

May 2006
ISBN: 0-06-052841-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Avon Books
Mass Market Paperback

Lady Olivia Shea was married...at least she thought she was married, to Lord Edmund Carlisle, until her newly wedded husband left her standing by their marriage bed alone and untouched. In other words...he left...without a how-do-you-do or a good-bye kiss. He just took her fortune and ran! Now what is she going to do? She certainly can't go running telling everyone that she had been duped and left practically at the alter. Besides, if she doesn't do something and do it fast, she could lose her entire perfume empire, just when she was proving to herself and the world that she could make it in a man's business world. Argh...what a coil.

But she did know where to start looking for her beloved (HA!) husband, not in France but in London, so to London she went and when she does catch up with the villian, she is going to demand her money be returned and then have the marriage annulled.

Samson Carlisle, Duke of Durham sees the loveliest vision of womanhood that he has ever dreamed of seeing. Beautiful beyond words, she is heading straight for him. Holding his breath and waiting for an introduction, he never expects to hear, "No more running, my darling. You can no longer escape. I've found you." Surprised beyond words, Samson doesn't know what to believe. Lady Olivia is accusing him of something, though he has no idea what. When she just stares are him waiting for a reaction, he does the only thing a gentleman can do, "I don't believe I've ever heard that sort of overture from a lady before."

Here's the deal...Olivia thinks that Samson is Edmund...but...Samson is Edmund's twin brother. It takes a lot of bantering back and forth before they each realize that she thinks that he is Edmund and so starts the mystery of what has happened to Edmund and where is he with her fortune. Unfortunately for Samson, this sounds exactly like something that his near-do-all brother would do. Now he must do something or else risk another scandal, and another scandal is not something that Samson wants in his life, ever again.

Love it, love it, love it. Passion, scandal, intrigue, evil characters and steamy love scenes...you can't ask for much else in your romance book! Ms. Ashworth is one of the premiere historical authors in today's genre. She writes characters that you will fall in love with and some that you will love to hate. Her sense of detail brings the story to life and wisks her readers to 1860 France and England without missing a beat. With a great plot and sexy characters, there is nothing that you won't love about this story.

This is one of my picks for your Summer reading! Enjoy!

Reviewed in August 2006 by Debbie.

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