by Sari Robins

May 2006
ISBN: 0-06-078247-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Avon Books
Mass Market Paperback

I absolutely love Sari Robins. Her books are fun, sexy and just plain a joy to read.

Lady Edwina Ross and her fellow members of The Society for the Enrichment and Learning of Females are out to catch a blackmailer. Someone is trying for blackmail a member of their 'Society" and they have decided to take it amongst themselves to find the fiend and bring him to justice. The only rpboelm isthat they also need the help of a gentlemen to ward off all of Edwina's suitors so that they can be free to snoop about. Edwina seeks the help of Prescott Devane, the notorious rogue. She proposes a fake engagement between the two of them and in return she will help him find a way to make his business schemes a success.

Prescott can't believe his ears. This woman must be cracked in the head to think he would help in a scheme such as she is suggesting. First of all, it will never work. Second, he's trying to put his rogue days behind him and become a respectable business man. But there is something about Edwina that stirs his blood. It's not that she's the most beautiful person he has ever met, but there's just something about her that he can't put his finger on. But after a little consideration, he decides to play along with her plan and see if he just can't figure out what she's really all about.

When things start to heat up between Edwina and Prescott, he decides that she deserves more than a rogue such as he, but Edwina has other things in mind...like a seduction, But because she has never been very good at that sort of thing, she has no idea how to go about doing it. What ensues is a tender, fun seduction where she tries her hardest, ends up crying and red faced and turns out to be more endearing that Prescott can handle. Of course he surrenders to his baser passions, this is a romance isn't it? But the way that Ms. Robins writes it is so sensual and loving, it just makes you melt. You'll be reading along and just sigh at the passion that they bring out in each other.

This a fun, easy read. Ms. Robins writes with such style and wit that it's hard to put one of her books down and why would you want to? The characters are perfect for each other, although it takes some coaxing for them to figure it out. The secondary characters are a true addition to this story. without them it would be sadly lacking in depth. Throw in a villian who you will NEVER figure out who it is and some fun adventure along the way, and you have a perfect romance that will warm your heart and leave you feeling tingly all over.

A great read!

Reviewed in April 2006 by Debbie.

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