by Jessamy Falcon, Kim Burke

February 2006
ISBN: 1-933389-52-4
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Daniel and his lover Aubin are the main characters in this story and the plot follows their relationship.

Both characters are well thought out. Aubin can be a bit childish at times. His mixture of French and English, when speaking can be a mite irritating at times, though it is also endearing.

The story is fairly erotic as Daniel and Aubin are very much lovers and they find it difficult to keep their hands of each other.

Aubin's mother is a problem to the couple especially when she comes to stay with them in their new home. She does not approve of their lifestyle and while she wants to know that Daniel can support her son in a style she thinks he should have she would much prefer he had a woman as his lover and preferably his wife.

Not that a wife would be that keen to keep Aubin, while he dabbled at his art, as Daniel was. Aubin's mother was definitely not my favourite character. But then I did like Daniel so much I felt she was so unfair to him.

This is a well written story and while the plot isn't dramatic it does delve into the relationship between the two men and despite the pressure on their relationship how their love remains strong. It also explores the problems that gay people still experience despite a more tolerant society. But it is still very much a love story between Aubin and Daniel and does freely use erotic touches to demonstrate that love.

Reviewed in April 2006 by Mary.