by Sahara Kelly

March 2006
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Being the thirteenth child of the King means you are close to nothing, being the thirteenth female child of the King means heís going to try and give you away. Sure the lone dragon will dispose of another unwanted princess, the King has order his newest daughter to be given to Theobald the Unlucky as desert. Theo doesnít know what to do with the little bundle of human. Just as something starts to happen between Theo and the smelly human baby, a nurse retrieves her and she is gone for years.

Theobald wasnít always a dragon though. He was a young, lusty virgin who couldnít even get a lady of the night to do him. Theoís thoughts revolved around the opposite sex so much that he took a fairy up on her offer...only to screw it up so badly that she cursed him and turned Theo into a dragon. With no female dragons around, Theo was condemned to a very long, lonely, and unfulfilled existence. That is until a baby was deposited on his rampart.

From the first sentence of the authorís note, you, the reader, will know that Sahara Kelly is going to out do herself yet again. I swear, Iím not certain how Ms. Kelly continues to come up with new and exciting plots and characters. Her sense of humor is twisted and hilarious. Georgie is not your normal princess, she definitely wouldnít be working for a certain Walt. She knows what she wants and takes it. She doesnít accept her position and what being a princess stands for. Theo, poor darling Theo, his whole world revolves around one thing and being a dragon with sharp talons and no women dragons around means that he isnít in for a good time. I found Georgie and Her Dragon such a great read and so funny that I just had to read it again as soon as I finished it for the first time. Perfect and definitely worth more readings, you will definitely want to get this book for your very own bookcase...ícause I ain't sharing!

Reviewed in April 2006 by Vikky.

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