by Susie Charles

February 2006
ISBN: 1-4199-0518-X
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Crissy Carter has a problem. She’s recently been mugged and had her camera stolen, and then, to top it all off, her house was burglarized. Stopping the attacker with a broom wasn’t much help and now Crissy is feeling the worse for wear. But there’s help on the way. Her cousin has called in Were Watching to do some surveillance and install a security system in Crissy’s house. Little does Crissy know though that bringing in Were Watching is about to open a whole new world of problems and delights in her life.

The moment Randy Trudeau sets eyes on Crissy, his were instincts take over. His senses come alive and he knows that this woman is destined to be his. In fact, he’s certain that she’s the woman who ran out on him on New Year’s Eve. Now, he’s set to make a claim and nothing and no one will stand in his way. But with all the madness going on in Crissy’s life, will she be willing to let Randy in and share it?

Candid Camera is a fantastic paranormal romp that features a hunky alpha werewolf and an assertive and take-charge heroine with a few supernatural abilities of her own. Crissy and Randy light sparks off each other from page one and the desire, intimacy and emotion continue to grow as Randy, Crissy and the rest of the Were Watching team set out to discover who wants to hurt Crissy. The mystery surrounding Crissy’s attacks is just as intriguing and magnetic as the attraction between the protagonists. The secondary characters add plenty of laughter and secrets of their own, all of which helps to keep the plot moving along. Susie Charles has done a fabulous job setting up this story.

Candid Camera is a fun bag of tricks that features werewolves, werecats, vampires, and some pretty nasty villains, all of which is set alongside an engaging and lusty love story. Bravo Ms. Charles! Please keep the Were Watching tales coming.

Reviewed in March 2006 by Sarah.

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