by Jacqueline Elliott

June 2002
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When we first meet Morgana Stuart, it is the year 1692 during the Salem witch trials and she is running through the woods after her fatherís death. She knows who killed him, although she doesnít know why. She meets her cousin Adair in a clearing where she is kneeling at an altar. When she confronts her cousin about killing her father, Adair unleashes her rage and hate towards Morgana for the first time. When Adair tries to kill her, Morgana is pushed into the flames of the fire and into the twentieth century, and there her new life begins.

Itís been nine years since Adair pushed Morgana Stuart through the flames. She has made a new life for herself as an artist and healer; she also has acquired a new name, Morgan Stuart. While visiting her friend and art gallery owner, Kyle Matthews, Morgan meets Alexander Beaumont, writer, rancher and art collector. Alex has come to commission Morgan to paint landscapes of his property. From the moment they meet the sparks fly.

Morgan tries to fight it at first, but she soon realizes that feelings like this couldnít be ignored. When Morgan begins to hear strange noises, and feels like she is being watched, Alex steps in to help and their romance slowly blossoms into love.

This is the first ebook that I have ever read. I was wonderfully surprised by the likability of the characters. Alexís initial skepticism and then acceptance of her witchcraft was nice to see. I wonít give away the twists and turns of the mystery behind the noises, they are surprising and unexpected. I found myself glued to my chair needing to find out what happens next. I definitely recommend this ebook. Only one thing, I would definitely sit on a padded chair.

Reviewed in July 2002 by Carolyn.

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