by Danielle Steel

March 2006
ISBN: 0-385-33828-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Delacorte Press

Sarah Anderson is a tax law attorney. She is smart, beautiful, cares deeply not only for her clients, but also for those she loves. She has been in a relationship with a man for four years, it's what you would call a part-time relationship. They only see each other on the weekends, which is okay with Sarah. It seems she has everything. When a elderly client of hers dies, she is shocked to learn he has left her two items, a substantial financial gift, and also some wisdom, use the money he left her for something wonderful, something daring, live life to the fullest. Sarah starts looking at her life and for the first time, thinks maybe there is more to be had.

Sarah has always loved the house which her client had lived. It was a large one, but in disrepair. It was built by a wealthy man for the woman he loved in 1923, but when his wife left him and their children, he soon lost interest and was forced to sell the house. Sarah decides to buy this house and restore it to its former glory. She hires Jeff Parker to help her with this project.

Jeff Parker is quite taken with Sarah and this project. He also has been in a relationship for fourteen years. A rocky relationship. He knows he needs to keep this relationship as a business relationship and not get involved with Sarah. This will not be easy since Sarah will be doing some of the restoration work herself, they will be spending time together.

Sarah realizes as the house project progresses she wants out of the part time relationship, and confronts her boyfriend and ends it with him. Sarah finds Jeff extremely attractive, but keeps her distance because he is involved with someone. When Jeff tells Sarah he and his lady have split ways, she knows it will be hard to keep this as a working relationship. But when Jeff agrees to help her solve the mystery of the original owners, it is clear Sarah and Jeff have strong feelings for each other. Can Sarah solve the mystery of the missing wife and what happened to the children? Will she find out the house is connected to her past? Will her and Jeff finally find true love with each other?

The House is Ms. Steelís 66th novel. Her story lines are always refreshing to read. Never the same in each book. The writing style of Ms. Steel keeps her readers glued to the book until the end.

Reviewed in April 2006 by Pat.

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