by Ciar Cullen

March 2006
ISBN: 1-59998-013-4
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The undiscovered tomb of the mythical Shield Jaguar haunts Sinjin Twaine. After the death of his wife and child, he throws himself wholeheartedly into discovering Shield Jaguar’s final resting place. But deep in the heart of the Yucatan, where anything is possible, the brooding archaeologist discovers more than he could ever have imagined...

Tamara Martin jumps at the chance to work with famed ‘Ivy League Beast‘, Professor Sinjin Twaine. Expecting a cantankerous older genlemen in tweed, Tam is shocked to discover her new boss is sexy, compelling, and doesn’t wear tweed. In fact, he rarely wears much clothing at all.

Fighting their attraction to each other, Tam and Sinjin work side by side to uncover the mysteries of Pacal. As a war of words and wits ensue between them in the daylight, passion consumes them at night. With the legendary ‘curse of Pacal’ hanging over the dig, a series of mysterious occurrences threaten to sabotage the project and lends weight to the theory that Pacal is indeed cursed.

But there are other forces at work at Pacal. Forces that have a more earthy origin and a mortal motive. As the danger mounts Tam and Sinjin must rely on the otherworldly powers of the Mayan King, Shield Jaguar, to protect them.

Mayan Nights, unlike the ancient theme of the story, is a sharp, witty, and sensual book that seduces the reader with its dazzling narrative and attention to detail. The romance is twofold, the main story revolving around the seemingly unmatched pairing of Tam and Sinjin, while the story itself is told by Shield Jaguar - a story set to entertain and thrill his own wife, A’ok.

The humorous war of words and sizzling, sexual escapades of Tam and Sinjin make Mayan Nights a fast-paced novel. Lost among the pages of the seductive Yucatan jungle, you reach the last chapter long before you know it!

With the broad scope of Ciar Cullen‘s storytelling, she weaves a magical tale of passion, danger, mystery and love that transcends time, a love that ultimately conquers all. Mayan Nights is a shelf keeper and I am eagerly awaiting whatever Ms. Cullen has in store for the sequel!

Reviewed in March 2006 by Donna.

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