by Jennifer St. Giles

May 2006
ISBN: 0-425-20962-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Mass Market Paperback

When her cousin is swept away at sea, Cassiopeia travels to Cornwall and to the Killdaren Estate in Dartmouth. On a quest to find out exactly what happened, Cassie takes a position as a maid in the Killdaren household. Here she learns much more than she ever imagines, not about Mary’s death, but about life, about friendship. What she also discovers is the family curse that surrounds the estate’s enigmatic owner, Sean Killdaren, the curse that means he must be separated from his twin brother – as Killdaren twins are destined to end up killing each other.

As the mystery of Mary’s death deepens, Cassie is lured into a web of dangerous seduction by the devastatingly handsome Sean Killdaren. Determined to resist his wily charms and solve the mystery of Mary’s disappearance, Cassie fears that the answer may lie in the scandalous past that haunts the Killdaren estate. Falling deeper and deeper under the Killdaren spell, Cassie can no longer hide her feelings for the enigmatic Sean, but can their love survive the Dragon’s curse and a murderer bent on keeping them apart forever…

Midnight Secrets, with its smoldering sexual tension and gothic atmosphere has all the hallmarks of a classical historical romance that readers will keep on their shelves for many years to come. Sean Killdaren is the perfect tragic hero – dark, mysterious and dangerous- he not only set Cassie’s heart racing but mine also! The plot revolves around the intriguing disappearance of Cassie’s cousin and as the story unfolds so does the secrets of the Killdaren Estate.

This is my first Jennifer St. Giles novel and she is most certainly an author I am looking forward to reading more from. Well written, extremely intriguing with lots of seductive passion, as well as a lovable hero and heroine, and an interesting array of supporting characters, Midnight Secrets deserves the 5 rose rating.

Reviewed in September 2006 by Donna.

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