by Suzanne Forster

May 2006
ISBN: 0-373-60506-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Spice
Trade Paperback

Harlequin launches their new line Spice with Suzanne Forsterís Tease. Itís not an Erotic Romance. Itís more of a literary erotic novel.

Tess Wakefield is moving to New York to be the creative director of an advertising agency. Sheís been asked to rein in her co-director Danny Gabriel, bring in new clients and update the agencyís image. It isnít easy, which she finds out when her new campaign is sabotaged. She suspects Daniel and gets him fired. To rescue her campaign she needs the perfect location - the Marquis Club, an exclusive S&M playground. Itís Daniel that introduced her to the scene and gave her her first taste, but itís the owner that demands her surrender.

Tease is an intense and beautiful story. Maybe a little gimmicky in parts, it redeems itself with Tessí very emotional journey of self-discovery. There is no real relationship happening, itís Tessí story only. This is not a romance novel and therefore not very romantic, but it should have enough of a romance in it to please fans of the genre. Not a book filled with pages of sexual intercourse, the book is still very erotic. It teases and seduces without the need of crude language and overly explicit sex. Tessí sexual awakening is all about giving up control, seduction and the courage to pursue dreams and desires. With Suzanne Forster, Harlequin found a very talented author to launch their sexy books and if you are looking for a sexual adventure and something different to all the new erotic romance titles then Tease should go at the top of your reading list.

Reviewed in April 2006 by Kris Alice.

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