by Cherry Adair

June 2001
ISBN: 0-373-25933-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #833
Mass Market Paperback

Through the odd family relationships that take place when divorced partners remarry, Catherine Harris grew up alongside Lucas Van Buren. He was seventeen and she a mere ten when their parents tied the knot, but Cat knew that she had found her man!

The problem is that even fifteen years later, Luke thinks of Cat as a sister. Well, she thinks he does. Actually, Luke is having a terrible time containing his seriously lustful thoughts about Cat; he’s guilty, horny and truly trying to do the right thing. When Cat arrives in town to stay with him, he hasn’t a clue she’s there to try and get him to realize she’s a girl no longer, but a woman grown and ready for a man - her man!!

Cherry Adair takes us into a delightful waltz between friends, lovers, and partners. Luke and his devil-may-care partner, Nick, are every woman’s dream – handsome, sexy, wealthy, and mostly intelligent until it comes to women. Cat is bright, lovely, funny, and so desperately in love with Luke her teeth ache with it. Can she open his eyes to her status as an available woman when all she can do is compare herself unfavorably to his gorgeous dates? Can Luke put his guilt and protective instincts aside and let himself love Cat the way he wants to? All these questions are answered in a most satisfactory way by the end of this fun book.

In Luke and Nick we can see the deft hand of Ms. Adair, who creates some of the most sensually appealing heroes. Her heroines are always perfect in their roles, but it’s the guys who stay in one’s mind after the book is closed. Somehow, she has reached into the psyches of romance readers everywhere and pulled their fantasies into the light – skillfully molding them into her ‘to-die-for’ guys! If it was possible to spend a night with a hero of one’s choice, I think Ms. Adair’s fellows would have lines a mile long. And I’d be at the front. Try this lighthearted look at love, and then make sure you read her other full-length single titles – she’s certainly a writer you’ll want to add to your shelves, and I hope someday she’ll treat us to Nick’s story!!

Reviewed in July 2002 by Celia.

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