by Jennifer Crusie

July 1993
ISBN: 1-55166-618-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Mira Books
Mass Market Paperback

Have you ever dated? Ever felt that your perfect mate must be out there somewhere? If so, then you must not miss this outrageously funny book by Jennifer Crusie!

Businesswoman Kate Svenson is brilliant, attractive, thirty-five and man-less, a state that is beginning to bother her! So she does the logically corporate thing - she comes up with a plan. This plan takes her to a charming Kentucky resort overflowing with what Kate considers to be bachelors who fit her requirements. Jake Templeton isn't one of them. Jake, a silent partner in the resort, has fled the business world and now relishes his low-key days supervising the grounds crew and fishing (i.e. snoozing) under his favorite willow tree! Inevitably, Kate catches Jake's attention, at first because she seems to be able to dispatch her would-be dates in amazingly inventive ways. After cardiac arrest, near drowning and poison ivy, Jake sums the situation up quite nicely.

""Dating you is like dating death!" Jake said.

Kate looked exasperated. "Nobody has died."

"Not yet.""

Of course, Kate and Jake finally realize that the tension simmering between them is really a case of major sensual desire about to boil over, and Kate learns that the right man may not always be a perfect fit into a woman's plan! So who said plans have to be right? Kate's journey into this romantic maelstrom gives Jennifer Crusie ample opportunity to demonstrate her brilliance when it comes to this kind of hysterically funny writing. The conversations between a contemplative Kate and a sleepy Jake while in a rowboat on the lake are priceless and translate effortlessly into a visual image of the scene. In typical Crusie style, these characters come alive for the reader - Jake and his brother Will, Kate's new friend the luscious Penny, Nancy at the Western Bar, and of course the hapless dates that are efficiently dispatched to their fate - all are perfectly written, vividly described and true to life. Slipping into Kate's world is very easy - leaving it behind at the end of the book is much harder; this is definitely a read-it-again keeper! Don't miss it!

Reviewed in July 2001 by Celia.

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