by Carolyn Hinchy-Wertman

February 2006
ISBN: 1-58608-814-9
Reviewer Graphic Button New Concepts Publishing

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Carolyn Hinchy-Wertman crafts an engaging tale that will leave its reader spellbound and dazzled.

Dark forces and dangerous secrets see Celine Hollingsworth imprisoned in an insane asylum. But, in the dead of the night, Celine flees her prison and finds herself beneath the hooves of Michael Aberdeenís horse.

Michael Aberdeen was on a dreaded journey that would see him married to a woman he neither knew nor wanted. His path had already been chosen years before and his eventual marriage was inevitable but when he sees Celine lying broken before him he knows his duty is to care for her forsaking everyone else.

Nightmares and tortured remnants of the past haunt Celine and at first she is unable to tell the difference between them and reality. Michael is by her side constantly and the two develop a fragile friendship, which quickly escalates to so much more. This is gravely threatened when Michaelís betrothed intervenes with vicious intentions.

The couple faces a myriad of difficulties some far graver than the others but their mutual love for each other grew stronger with every obstacle. Escape To Love read like a dream with it intrigue and detailed expression it is not one to be left out.

Reviewed in July 2006 by Kelly-Anne.

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