by MaryJanice Davidson

July 2002
ISBN: 1-84360-076-5
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Finally the book Ive been waiting for!! A book that takes vampires, sex, power and designer shoes, shakes them well and delivers a sparkling literary cocktail that packs one helluva of a punch!

Elizabeth Taylor is dead. Not THAT Elizabeth, the Elizabeth who just got laid off, hasnt gotten lucky since the last presidency, and has a designer shoe fetish. Run over by a truck, shes now dead. But its not quite what she expected! Shes still laid off and horny, and is as pissed as all get-out to find her stepmother hadnt even waited until her corpse was cold to appropriate her fine selection of shoes! Yes its a vampire plot. But the way Ms. Davidson writes its an hommage to the genre delivered via a French Farce!

Every character in this delicious tale is perfect. From the suicidal doctor and the radical black girlfriend, who become enthusiastic vamp sidekicks, to the poor hapless detective who gets thoroughly fed up (and on), to the gorgeous, sexually magnificent Sinclair, mysterious creature-of-the-night who likes his women in multiples! Yeah, right! Elizabeth vainly tries to pick up the threads of her old life er, death even though she now has the strength of twenty, very good night vision, and an occasional prominent overbite. Okay there are a few problems!

Humor is subjective people find laughs in the strangest places how else can you explain Jerry Lewis? So will you love this book? I dont know. All I can say is that I laughed until my ribs ached and devoted an entire steamy July morning to enjoying it, oblivious to the real world around me! Its sexy, its fun, and believe it or not, its very easy to recognize parts of oneself in Elizabeth. Okay, not the undead or dentally-challenged parts, but the parts that are yelling Im ordinary why is this happening to me?? Elizabeth is everywoman crossed with Schwarzenegger, a terrific blend of normalcy and Superhero! Shes fun, shes lost, she tries to apply commonsense to a totally unrealistic situation, and I loved her!!!

I certainly hope that there are more Undead adventures to come its a seductive glimpse into a world that I could easily become addicted to. In the meantime, will I be keeping my eyes open for more books by this talented writer? You bet your Ferragamos!!

Reviewed in July 2002 by Celia.

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