by Phoebe Conn

May 2006
ISBN: 0-8439-5300-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Leisure Books
Mass Market Paperback

Summer, 1781

American privateer, Captain Christopher MacLeod’s remarkable skill had earned him a fortune during the lengthy war for Independence from Britain. Chris was thrilled with his latest victory. The British merchant vessel, Beatrice was no match for his swift schooner, Island Belle and her valiant crew. Easily defeating the English crew and transferring the cargo over to the Island Belle’s hold, Chris was ready to put the Beatrice’s beaten crew into long boats and set them adrift when his second in command, Rob Corliss dragged up one last passenger. Christopher was stunned to see the beauty hidden under the dark cloak! Chris knew he could not put this woman adrift, his honor as a gentleman forbade him to do anything other then to offer the luscious blonde hellion his protection.

The widow of a British officer, Sarah Hadley was fleeing the chaos of the revolution to seek a safe haven for herself and unborn child in her deceased husband’s native England. Furious that this cutthroat pirate, Christopher MacLeod, would take her captive, Sarah fought Chris at every turn both mentally and physically. It was only the fact that she was with child that prevented Chris from taking what he really wanted from the vivacious Sarah!

Midnight Blue by noted author Phoebe Conn is a tale of the American Revolution, a historical time-period that is not often featured in romance fiction. Unfortunately, this take on the war for Independence could not hold my interest. After a very dramatic and promising start, the story starts taking a nosedive and never recovers. Sarah is nothing but a harpy shrew that cannot get over the fact that she is derailed from her plans to go to England. Hey, someone explain to this ingrate that if not for Christopher MacLeod she and her baby would most likely have ended up dead! As for Christopher, why he is so wrapped up in his pursuit of such an ungrateful wretch as Sarah beats me! He practically grovels at her feet, showering her with gifts, and providing shelter for her and a baby that is not even his. Chris gets nothing back from Sarah but bitter tastes of her obnoxious temper, and we get a story that is as choppy as the seas that Captain MacLeod sails!

Reviewed in June 2006 by Bonnie.

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