by Eileen Goudge

May 2006
ISBN: 0-7434-8319-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Pocket Books

This is the story of four friends who have remained close with one another even after college graduation. Their bond is so strong now, that itís hard to believe the only common link they all shared years ago was that they were all on scholarships at the college. Now each of their lives is changing and each one must face up to the changes, and provide the moral support for the others as their crisis comes into being.

For Franny, it is no secret she wants a child. Unable to find Mr Right, it was with trepidation and then glee she accepts her best friend, Jayís offer to father her child. Even Vivian, Jayís wife thinks it is a splendid idea. But as Vivian faces problems with her own child bearing and health, will Frannyís child put strain on an already in trouble relationship? Can Jay handle the hurricane this will put his emotions through, as he tries to support his wifeís emotions and at the same time be the wall of support Franny needs.

El is dealing with her mother dying. Her mother, a paragon of society, would never approve of her current love and will she lose him while she bounces back and forth wondering how to keep her mother from finding out, yet feeling guilty she could cause her mother more pain.

Lastly, Stevie has finally found her father after years of searching. But will he be the man she wants him to be? Can they build a relationship? And what of the love her life she let walk out her door because of her fear of commitment?

Life continually evolves, and the one thing that holds true is these four are friends and have been bound by a strong glue. Instead of tearing one another down, they support and hold each other up. Sometimes, its these aspects that mean more than blood line.

Reviewed in October 2006 by Katy.

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