by Bianca D`Arc

February 2006
ISBN: 1-59998-022-3
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Poaching deer to feed herself and her mother, Belora stumbles across a young male dragon and seals her fate forever. Taken to meet the dragon’s rider and partner, Gareth, Belora is whisked into a world where dragons, knights and war are indeed, very real.

Instantly seeing Belora as his pre ordained mate, Gareth sets out to do some poaching of his own. Seducing her is an easy undertaking for a knight such as he, but falling in love is a difficult task. Especially since the mating ritual of the Border Lair involves his mate accepting his dragon, his dragon’s mate….and her rider.

In an increasingly dangerous time, with war looming, Belora finds her true calling. She has always been unafraid of dragons, but she also possesses a rare gift of healing which will prove invaluable to the Lair if the knights are to stop the war. Shocked at first by Gareth‘s proposal, Belora is quickly seduced by the lusty ways of the Lair. Unable to resist both Gareth and Lars, will Belora give into her hearts desire and accept the two powerful, strong males who are bound to love and cherish her for the rest of her life?

Maiden Flight is a sexy, romp of a novel. The twist Ms. D’Arc adds to the dragon lore is as erotic as it is enthralling. With a medieval flair to the story, Maiden Flight proves to be a story of war, friendship and above all, love. The psychic bond between the dragon and it’s rider makes for some thrilling, steamy, sex scenes! Although this book serves as an introduction to the series, I found it light, well written and extremely readable. Belora is a treasure. As for her knights, well, who wouldn’t want to be adored by two handsome- one light, one dark- highly masculine males?!

Sceptical of yet another medieval yarn, I was delightfully surprised to read this refreshing book. With engaging characters, and a wonderful picture of a vivid, rich, and exotic fantasy world, the Dragon Knight series is on course to be one of the hottest new e-book series around!

Reviewed in April 2006 by Donna.

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