by Jaid Black

ISBN: 1-84360-008-0
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Warning: Get ready to get addicted to Jaid Black’s Trek Q’an Tal series – once you start with The Empress’ New Clothes, you are telekinetically moved by some unseen force to get the rest of the books! It’s sizzling with hot sex, appealing heroines and adorable alpha heroes! Trust me, you won’t be able to get enough of those handsome and well-muscled Trystonni warriors!

The Empress’ New Clothes starts with Zor Q’an Tal, “…High King of Tryston, Emperor of Trek Mi Q’an galaxy, Guardian of the Sacred Sands, and the most feared man in six hundred galaxies and seven dimensions…” who is in search of his Sacred Mate. Trystonni Sacred Mates are taken seriously – though Trystonni warriors have insatiable sexual appetites, they can join with no other woman (or any other woman-like being) after they have found and consummated with their Sacred Mate. It also goes to say the best sex they have, and ever will have, is with that one woman. And you can bet your bottom dollar that a Trystonni warrior will know the difference between casual sex and mind-blowing, soul consuming, I-love-you-forever sex – they’ve been "doing it" in large quantities since they were thirteen Yessat years (pretend it’s thirteen human years and it’s still impressive!)!!! And lucky Kyra Summers is the “it” girl for Zor.

After finishing a boring weeklong meditation camp, with her best friend, Geris, Kyra finds herself stripped to her bare flesh in a parking lot by a gigantic, hard muscled, barbaric-looking, man. Zor, who has brought his brother Dak along on his quest for his Sacred Mate, tests the authenticity of his future life partner by telekinetically removing all of Kyra’s clothes – it is only with a Sacred Mate that a Trystonni warrior can telekinetically remove things. Since it doesn’t work with anyone else, there’s no fooling him! (Actually, Zor’s younger brother, Rem, was fooled into giving up his gold medallion to a conniving woman with disastrous results! The medallion is their version of a wedding ring but a bit more, ahem, special. It pays for a Trystonni man to be sure that the woman who will wear his gold medallion is their true Sacred Mate because only death can do them part - literally.)

Kyra is transported to Tryston where she learns to accept being Zor’s Sacred Mate (not difficult since Zor can be quite persuasive!). Trystonnis aren’t a shy lot – they like sex and they like it whenever, wherever! Kyra slowly sheds her earthly inhibitions as she learns Tryston’s customs and the reader wonders with Kyra as she tries to remember what it was about earth that was so great in the first place!

There are quite a few characters in The Empress' New Clothes, but they are gradually introduced so it is not overwhelming or confusing. You’ll find yourself falling for each character and can’t wait for the next installment to read their stories. (Hint: watch out for Kil, the sexy, ultra-alpha brother!) Ms. Black successfully draws you into these warriors’ lives as they search for their Sacred Mates. The Trystonni versions of earthly lifestyles, such as bachelor/bachelorette parties, marriage and pregnancy, are hilarious!

The Empress' New Clothes is, first and foremost, a FUN read! Though the sexual interludes are hot – SIZZLING – it’s the characters that make it an enjoyable read. It’s fun to watch Kyra discover a more uninhibited sexual nature, and Zor’s fall, a “man” who has basically been there, done that (and you’ll see specifically where he’s been and what he’s done!). Aside from witty quips, Ms. Black’s parodies on some of the “humanoid” customs are delightful and funny. It’s a campy erotica that portrays sex in a lighthearted manner – and it goes on for several books!

If you’re in for a hot, sexy, fun-filled read, turn up the air condition, get comfortable, and dig into The Empress' New Clothes. I, for one, am revving up my gastrolight cruiser in search of my own Trystonni warrior!

Reviewed in July 2002 by Veronica.

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