by Tracie Peterson

July 2006
ISBN: 10-0-7642-2774-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Bethany House Publishers
Trade Paperback

Leah Barringer Kincaid has just arrived home to Last Chance Creek, Alaska. Her brother, Jacob is with her new husband, Jayce, trying to track down Jayce’s twin brother, Chase or so she thinks. She walks into her home, there is Chase, and he has impersonated Jayce once again. He tells her to come with him willing, if she doesn’t the lives of three people will be on her head.

Chase Kincaid is a man who does not care who he hurts or kills to get his way. He has impersonated Jayce for so long he believes no one will know the difference. He has already kidnapped Helaina Beecham; he also means to kidnap Leah. He has this undeniable urge to hurt Jayce in the worst possible way, what better way than to kidnap his bride.

Jacob Barringer is on his way back to Last Chance Creek with Jayce. They need to replace the dogs and drop off supplies. Instead he finds himself on a race against time to try to find Helaina, the woman he is starting to fall in love with, and Leah, before Chase does anymore harm to them.

Helaina is a woman with one goal in mind; take Chase to the authorities for the crimes he committed. She just needs to figure out first how to get out of the situation Chase has put her in. One way or another she will get Chase.

Jayce knows it will be up to him to stop Chase, because they are twins, he knows how Chase thinks. He also is praying Chase will not hurt either Leah or Helaina. Jayce had hurt Leah terribly ten years ago. He will not allow anyone to hurt her again. The chase is on. When Jayce finally confronts Chase, he knows Chase will not live much longer, due to the bear attack. He tries to get Chase to seek forgiveness from God before death claims him.

Once the four are reunited, Jayce and Jacob are off on an adventure to the Arctic. When things go wrong, they both wonder if they will see their loved ones again.

What a wonderful book. It was a fitting way to conclude the story of Jayce and his brother. The third book in the series, Whispers of Winter will be released November 2006.

Reviewed in July 2006 by Pat.

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