by Jaid Black

ISBN: 1-84360-012-9
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When the gods are miffed, it’s the poor chosen mortals who usually end up suffering! In this case, the Scandinavian goddess Frigg wants to cause trouble for her husband Odin – but Frigg, with the help of other gods, Loki (the trickster) and Freya (the goddess of sex and fertility), unwittingly end up matchmaking a couple of mortals instead!

In 820 AD, a council of men, called thing, get together to discuss the Jarl’s (the head guy) dreams – the usual delivery of messages from gods to mortals. Erik the Wise proceeds then to deliver these messages in which his first born son, Ragnar the Feared is to impregnate a woman (of the gods’ choosing, of course!) within a year – or else none of their warriors will ever reach that much sought out place, Valhalla.

Dara is engaged to marry a guy named Paul, but wonders if she’s making the right decision. But Loki (that mischievous Scandinavian god) has been visiting her dreams and, aside from making all her carnal dreams come true (well, almost all!), he tells her that Paul is definitely not the man she will marry! Of course, Dara interprets this as a sign and decides to break the engagement as soon as possible. Her decision gives her a sense of freedom and relief as she sunbathes in the nude by the river on her private property. She wakes up to a most glorious climax and opens her eyes expecting to see her dream lover Loki again - but screams bloody murder when SHE sees a huge muscled man with enough facial hair to rival Grizzly Adams hovering above her! As Ragnar carries her off to his home, Dara realizes that she’s not in Kansas… err… Ohio anymore!

In typical Jaid Black fashion, the characters are lovable, the dialogue witty (yes, there’s a dialogue!) and, of course, the sex is hot! Dara is thoroughly seduced by Ragnar, in more ways than one, and this strange woman who speaks a quirky version of the Saxon language likewise hooks Ragnar. While she is enjoying erotic interludes with Ragnar, the fact that she’s in a waaaay different time zone hasn't escape Dara! As any mortal who is at the hands of the unpredictable gods, she is befuddled and afraid. Despite loving Ragnar, she tries to get back to the River Thund, where Ragnar first discovered her, and reclaim her 21st century life. Ragnar, however, has found the woman of his dreams and is not about to let her go! And it takes some pretty amazing persuasion to convince Dara that she belongs with him – who could resist a combination of domination and begging that results in hot sex?!

God of Fire is a delightful short story and Ms. Black once again delivers an entertaining erotic time-travel romp that will keep your blood pumping!

Reviewed in July 2002 by Veronica.

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