by Cara Summers

March 2006
ISBN: 0-373-79243-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #239
Mass Market Paperback

Struggling P.I Pepper Rossi is on a mission. She is to guard a priceless Monet set for auction. In the process, Pepper gets to prove her worth as a private investigator for Rossi Investigations. There is only one problem and that comes in the form of her Aunt Irene. Irene needs the Monet to prove to the love of her life, an ex-mobster ,that she is bad enough for him.

With the painting gone, Pepper must trail her Aunt to the sensual Escapade Island. Wishing she could have her very own escapade with fellow colleague and ex-CIA agent Cole Buchanan, Pepper is shocked to learn that her Aunt never made it to the island and that the painting is indeed missing. What she finds instead is Cole Buchanan, the rough edged agent of her fantasies.

After having shared a wild, passionate kiss, Cole offers Pepper a proposition - a chance to explore the heat between them, to explore every sensual pleasure the Island has to offer. In return he will stay out of the investigation for the stolen painting.

Deep down Pepper knows she should refuse, she should say no, except he is the only other person capable of tracking down the painting before her. If he muscles in, Pepper would never be able to prove her worth. Agreeing to the pact, she hopes to rid herself of the attraction she feels for Cole, hoping to get it out of her system once and for all.

Fighting against the odds will Pepper be able to track down the Monet and protect her heart from a sensual Island fling?

When She Was Bad is a thrill -a- minute, seductive novel. From the opening pages the passion between Pepper and Cole sizzles. Events occur in ‘real time’ over a period of twenty four hours and is a perfect read for Valentine’s - the date the story takes place. The island itself is reminiscent of (for those of us who remember!) Fantasy Island. What I found especially endearing was the sub-love story between Irene and Butch - a case of true love lasting through adversity.

Ms Summers evokes an exotic world where anything is possible. This book is full of sun, sand and seduction. I highly recommend you indulge yourself in this island fling.

Reviewed in February 2006 by Donna.

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