by Joan Bramsch

January 2000
ISBN: 0-934334-10-2
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When Ann Waverly first set eyes on Jeffrey Madison at the hotel reservations desk, two thoughts flashed through her mind. Wow, and how did he get in here! Filthy, exhausted, and wanting nothing more than his bed, Jeffrey is still not too tired to note the luscious, dark haired siren who is trying to explain to him that his room was not guaranteed for late arrival (tsk tsk – obviously not using his major credit card!).

This is a charming comedy of love and mistaken identities, fostered by the usual assortment of matchmaking mothers/bosses, and eccentric characters. Ann is in training for an executive assistant’s position in Vanessa Cumming’s hotel, and is doing a different job each day. Jeff is responding to his mother’s plea for help – someone within the hotel management is diverting convention business elsewhere and costing them money! Vanessa Cummings wants her son Jeff to find out who, and she wants Ann as her exec. She soon realizes that she also wants Jeff and Ann together and is delighted that neither has an inkling of the other’s real identity!

The happy couple find out their compatibility very early on – this is a short novel, and no time is wasted on preliminaries – their kisses turn hot very quickly, and after a short period of indecision, Ann gives Jeff the green light and they deepen and intensify their relationship.

Can Ann manage to work the kitchens and Jeff within the same 24-hour period? Can Jeff accept that he’s falling in love with Ann, even though their careers are on different paths? Can Ann spend an entire dinner with nothing on beneath her dress without Jeff finding out and skipping dessert? It’s lighthearted, the people are lovely, the sex is great – all the makings of a delightful romance.

Reviewed in July 2002 by Celia.

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