by Christina Skye

May 2006
ISBN: 0-373-77123-1
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Mass Market Paperback

Miki had finally landed a photo shoot that could make her career and move her up to the big leagues. So what if she had to go back to her natural hair color; blonde, in order to land the job and work with a man with one of the worst reputations around.

It seems there were some forces against Miki and just what does she have to do with a man named Cruz. Her boss was trying to get into her pants, which she would have nothing to do with him; her plane crashed and her boss died. She left the plane because that is what the pilot told her to do. She was rescued by a very stern hunk who liked silence. He also saved the pilot as well from the sinking plane.

Max just happened to be in the area on a mission to find Cruz. What he didnít expect to find was a beautiful woman named Miki, who he calls Blondie. He wasnít sure what she was doing out in these particular islands and he was going to find out. He wasnít sure if she was a spy working for Cruz or not, but that didnít stop the attraction that flared up between the two of them.

Max also happened to have a very special lab with him named Truman. Truman was trained to find Cruz by his sense of smell. He took and followed orders as well as thinking and acting on his own. He is very much like Baby from Code Name: Baby.

Miki and Max have to united forces in order to survive but will they in time? What happens when one isnít sure of the others motives but trusts them all the same? Just what kind of trouble does Miki find herself in on a supposed deserted island? It seems a lot and it is Max or Truman to the rescue, even if she does cause some damage. Can she help Max find what he is looking for?

Code Name: Blondie is full of action from the very beginning and last until the very end. Ms. Skye has given us another delightful book in this series where we are able to meet some of the characters from Code Name: Baby and of course we canít forget Izzy. Blondie is full of danger, misunderstandings, misguided trust, and villains from unexpected places and a few SEALS that should up in an interesting place as well. If you havenít read any of the Code Name series, what are you waiting for? Iím looking forward to more stories by Ms. Skye.

Reviewed in April 2006 by Pam.

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