by Susan Sizemore

August 2006
ISBN: 1-4165-1335-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Pocket Books
Mass Market Paperback

Three years ago Phillipa Elliot had a brief encounter with an irresistible man, Matt Bridger, at her sister’s wedding. It was a night of all consuming passion and even though Phillipa still feels she made a fool of herself, she has not been able to forget him.

Mathias Bridger has not been able to stop thinking about Phillipa, as a Prime, he knows full well who she really is to him. What he does not know is that a lot has happened to Phillipa since their one and only encounter, will he be able to walk away from her once more even if all he wants is to protect her?

Matt and Phillippa are now forced to be together, at least temporarily, as the equivalent of godparents of Phillipa’s nephew, how long will they be able to stay away from each other? There is danger lurking, and pretty soon they will have to make some life changing decisions.

Primal Heat is the latest installment in Susan Sizemore’s popular paranormal series called the Primes. It is the fifth book, and hopefully, not the last. This series has become a personal favorite and I can say I can’t get enough. Furthermore, thanks to this series, I have become a fan of this prolific and talented author. In this book, which is fully linked to the second book in this series, we get to meet another wonderfully delicious Alpha hero and a heroine who is strong, smart and gutsy. Though they both seem reluctant to accept the simple fact that they are mates, it doesn’t become an overwhelming battle of wills, as the author adds a healthy dosage of action and suspense to the mix. When Matt and Philippa come together there is passion to spare. Primal Heat is a quick-paced action packed book that will appeal to all lovers of sensual paranormal vampire romance. For those of you following this series, this book does link to the second book in this series, I Thirst For You so we do get to revisit with some characters from that story. I am looking forward to Ms. Sizemore’s next book in this highly entertaining series.

Reviewed in December 2006 by Mireya.

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