by Debbie Macomber

May 1992
ISBN: 0-373-03196-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #3196
Mass Market Paperback

Jill Morrison sits next to Jordan Wilcox and tries to make conversation during the 5-hour flight to Hawaii, but Jordan is busy working on his laptop and talking on the phone for most of the journey. Jill never thinks she will meet this stranger again but coincidentally, they stay in the same hotel. Then, Jill receives a mailed package from her best friend, Shelly Hansen; enclosed is Aunt Milly's wedding dress, which is said to have something magical with a legacy behind.

"The first man you meet when you receive this dress is the man you'll marry."

Jill refuses to believe the legacy even though both Aunt Milly and Shelly are married to the first man they meet after they receive the wedding dress, but she keeps an open eye when she comes across any man during her holiday.

One evening when she is wandering on the beach, she meets Jordan again. Jordan purposely gets her into attending a business dinner with him as his date to discourage his boss's daughter, Suzi Lundquist, from pursuing him. Jill finds the situation funny as she thinks if Jordan marries Suzi, it would only help him to develop his business. After dinner, Jordan thanks Jill for her help and accompanies her to stroll on the beach. Under the influence of wine and romantic atmosphere, Jordan kisses Jill and both feel like they've been hit by electrical storms. But what Jill thinks and speaks aloud is, "Oh no, the dress!"

The Man You'll Marry is the first book in The Bridal Collection published by Harlequin in 1992. Debbie Macomber has written a tale with love, humour with certain realistic facts. Jill is a lovely heroine with warmth, gentleness and love that Jordan needs most. Jordan is a workaholic and business always comes first until Jill comes into his life. The story clearly gives us a message that a good marriage needs a lot of compromises and understandings. Legacy or not!

Reviewed in July 2002 by Rose.

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