by Cara Lockwood

May 2006
ISBN: 0-7434-9973-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Downtown Press
Trade Paperback

“Here’s a word of advice: Never marry a rock star. Sure, you can date them, fool around with them, but don’t ever even consider marrying one.”

If only Lily Crandell had listened to her own advice. Now she is fleeing America for the relative safety of London, because if she hears her ex-husband’s hit single one more time she’s going to kill him. Literally.

Okay, Lily readily admits she’s not a nice person. She assaulted her ex-husband, Ted, outside a posh restaurant. She signs Ted up for a gay pornographic email newsletter. Just to name a few things. And now Lily is facing a court date for the assault charges, she steals her sister’s passport, and she’s hiding out in London and living with her old boyfriend, a commitment-phobic doctor who is convinced the best cure for a broken heart is volunteering at the local hospital.

While at the hospital, Lily meets famed soccer star, Sean Gates and things look promising . . . at least until Ted’s music starts climbing the charts in Europe! Now Ted is in London, the paparazzi are camping on Lily’s doorstep, and a meeting seems inevitable. Is there a happy-ever-after in the near future for Lily?

I Did (But I Wouldn't Now) is a quirky chick lit that is fun to read. I identified with Lily wanting closure from her short-lived marriage, and yet faced with her ex with almost every turn she makes. We all know how difficult it is to face former boyfriends, even in the best situation. This serves to make Lily sympathetic, in spite of the horrible things she does to retaliate.

I recommend I Did (But I Wouldn't Now) as a cute, fun to read chick lit that is perfect to take along to the beach. Readers will love Lily and hope that she finds her one and only while trying to find closure from her marriage to Ted.

Reviewed in July 2006 by Laura.

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