by Janeen O`Kerry

February 2006
ISBN: 0-505-52587-9
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Mass Market Paperback

The land of Eire

When a new Ard-Ri, high king is chosen, the goddess of the land, Eiru was summoned from the otherworld to the Mound of Kings to accept him as a wife would a husband. After bestowing King Parlan with a passion filled night, as was tradition, Eiru made to leave, but the new king, Parlan, could not bear for the goddess to part from him, so enamored of her was he! Parlan had fallen in love with Eiru and begged her to become his queen, in reality, and join him in the mortal world. Eiru tried to make Parlan see there could be no future for them, for she was not of his realm, and he was not of hers. If he were to abandon his people and turn his back on the land in which she had just gifted him as his kingdom, then Parlan would bring down the wrath of all the gods!

In his arrogance, Parlan ignores Lady Eiru’s warning, and continues to pursue her, causing the greatest curse of all the gods to be brought down on the land of Eire, the curse of the great Black Dragon! Realizing his mistake to late, Parlan must now journey the four corners of his new kingdom to collect four ancient relics that will help him battle, and defeat the Dragon that threatens his land, and people. Eiru knew in her heart that Parlan, (as no mortal could) ever be able to complete this most difficult task. Yet, his undying love for her and his subjects makes her want him to be victorious. Eiru begins to yearn for this mortal, as she grants him that she will accompany him and his warriors on their quest to give assistance where and when she can. Could Parlan finally prove to Lady Eiru that he is the one man above all that could finally be worthy of the Goddess of Eire?

A fantasy world of vast imagination and epic story telling of compelling depth awaits the reader in Janeen O’Kerry’s newest Celtic journeys romance, Goddess of Eire. King Parlan makes for a true larger-then-life hero who battles monsters, both mythical and real to win back the land of his lady. Eiru at times seems heartless and cruel in her continued rejection of Parlan’s love, but as a goddess one can see why she does that. If your taste in romance reading is for something a little different, Goddess of Eire might just be for you!

Reviewed in February 2006 by Bonnie.

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