by Jennifer Crusie

November 2001
ISBN: 1-551-66865-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Mira Books
Mass Market Paperback

Lucy Savage thought she'd successfully gotten rid of Bradley. Bradley Porter, that is, her ex-husband, whom she has just divorced. Sure, her hair is a tinny blonde and her sister is bossing her around mercilessly, but she's Lucy Savage again and has kept her house and three wonderful dogs in the divorce settlement!

She has even managed to defend herself against a mugger who pulls her into an alley; in fact she split his lip, blackened his eye and seriously bruised several ribs. Unfortunately, he is not a mugger, but a cop, and dragging Lucy into the alley may well have saved her life! His instincts told him that the bullet that took a chunk out of the wall above them was meant for Lucy, not him! Detective Zack Warren wanted Bradley for an official discussion about a small matter of embezzlement and stolen bonds. So how did he end up being a surrogate father to three dogs (one of whom has a great joke)? And why can't he keep his thoughts off Lucy, even though her hair has now turned green?

If you have ever enjoyed a Jennifer Crusie story then you will know what a treat is in store for you when you settle down with this book and delve into the fascinating affair between Lucy and Zack. To say it is explosive would be an understatement and Ms. Crusie writes such vivid and funny dialogue that we can't help loving Zack right along with Lucy! After all, isn't a guy who brings home a lost pup and then names him 'Pete' a true hero? If there is any kind of a typical "Crusie heroine", it would have to be the recently-divorced woman facing her future with a mixture of fear and hope, along with a large dollop of determination. Lucy fits the bill perfectly, in spite of the green hair (a curse every woman has feared since bleach was invented and scientists put chlorine in swimming pools!), and she learns a lot about herself and her capacity for love from Zack Warren. Zack's tall, cool and elegant partner, Anthony Taylor, is the perfect counterpoint to the rumpled, yummy, linoleum-hating Zack, while Lucy's sister Tina is everything Lucy isn't, and has normal colored hair as well. As you can tell, Zack and Lucy are definitely made for each other, but before they figure it out, they take us on a wonderful roller-coaster ride of romance and mystery, full of good-humored passion, hot sex all over the house and real people with faster-than-light witticisms!

So for an instant pick-me-up when those long November days arrive, grab this (or any other) Jennifer Crusie book - you'll only put it down to wipe away the tears of laughter from your eyes!

(This review refers to the original out-of-print paperback published by Harlequin in 1994)

Reviewed in October 2001 by Celia.

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