by Kay Hooper

July 2006
ISBN: 0-553-80318-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Bantam Books

Riley Crane wakes up one morning fully dressed with a splitting headache covered in dried blood. She has no recollection of how she wound up this way. Come to think of it, her memories of the last three weeks are sketchy at best. An ex-army officer, Riley is now a member of Noah Bishop’s elite Special Crimes Unit, she is known within the unit for her ability to be anyone or anything she chooses. As a clairvoyant it would be hard for anyone to get the drop on her but someone did. Maybe the same someone who left a grisly murder scene near a public place and the only clues are in Riley’s missing memories—or are they?

Not only is Riley missing three weeks but she also has no recollection of meeting, or loving, local D.A. Ash Prescott. When all the evidence points to an impossible suspect, Riley calls on the help of her boss Bishop. Now Bishop wants to pull her off the case out of a killer’s crosshairs. They both know that with her skills absent Riley is working blind fighting evil from the grave.

Sleeping with Fear is delightfully chilling. It is one of those books that will give shivers down the middle of your back and make you love it. This latest book in the bestselling series featuring members of the Bishop’s Special Crimes Unit wraps romance, toe curling thrills, and fascinating paranormal intrigue into to one amazing package.


Reviewed in August 2006 by Cynthia.

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