by Julia Quinn

July 2006
ISBN: 0-06-053125-8
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Mass Market Paperback

Julia Quinn has been entertaining romance readers for several years with her series about the lives and loves of the Bridgerton family. From Anthony to Hyacinth, we have laughed and cried as they found their perfect mates. All of them are happily married, except for Gregory. His story has finally arrived.

Gregory has always believed that love would find him. He has seen too many examples of true love to be cynical. The question has always been two-fold; When? And more importantly, Who? He finds the answers at Anthony’s home, during a party. He knew in an instant that Miss Hermione Watson was meant to be his.

The path of true love is never smooth, and this time is no exception. Miss Watson’s heart is engaged elsewhere, and her best friend Lucinda Abernathy, tries to help Gregory’s cause. She has had plenty of experience. Almost every man she has ever met has fallen head over heels – for Hermione.

As one of Ms. Quinn’s legion of fans, I was eagerly awaiting this last Bridgerton book. Perhaps just a bit too eager, given the letdown I felt when the final page was finished. The book is filled with the clever dialogue and plot that make each of her books special. But I just could not become engrossed in the tale. It did not command my attention or hold my interest.

I believe that the problem lies with Gregory. He has none of the qualities that endeared me to the other Bridgerton men. Without Benedict’s artistic flair or Colin’s charm, Gregory was simply there, taking up space on the page. He has no outward ambition or purpose, no true calling for a profession or hobby. He is useful at parties and filling a seating arrangement, but has no real substance. He has a pleasant personality, but is not forceful enough to leave much of an impression. His contribution to the family is not evident until the epilogue, and elicits humor at best.

On the Way to the Wedding will surely climb up the bestseller lists, on the strength of Ms. Quinn’s past performance. This reviewer was disappointed with the outcome.

Reviewed in June 2006 by Paula.

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