by Christine Feehan

July 2006
ISBN: 0-515-14154-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Jove Books
Mass Market Paperback

A gifted healer and empath, it was only logical that Libby Drake become a doctor. The small “miracles” that she performed could be hidden within the confines of medical expertise. The abilities that she mastered would be put to the best use. Of course, she could never do something completely unbelievable, like totally heal someone. That would put the spotlight on her, and by association, on her six sisters. The Drake family has enough natural notoriety as it is.

But Abby couldn’t stop herself when she saw the broken body of Tyson Derrick, a brilliant researcher and former schoolmate. Libby could not let him die, or wind up a vegetable. Too many lives would be affected. Libby had always admired and felt a strong connection to the scientist.

Ty thought he was dreaming when he woke up to see Libby Drake standing over him. He remembered his safety harness breaking, and the fall, but seeing her pale face, contorted in pain was not what he was expecting. He hoped that her family had not been up to their old tactics. He hated the thought that they had somehow convinced Libby that she could heal people “magically.” Her screwball siblings may believe that mumbo-jumbo, but Libby was special, and he needed to get her away from them.

Just because he is a genius, doesn’t mean that Ty has any clues about women. His social skills are nil, and he always seems to say the wrong thing. He has a deep skepticism about the Drake family that puts all of them on edge. So why can’t Libby seem to stay away?

Dangerous Tides, the next exciting book in the Drake Sisters series, has it all - action, danger, passion and, of course, magic! Author Christine Feehan always seems to rise to the occasion, and she does an outstanding job with this new story. There is menace swirling around Sea Haven, and even the extraordinary Drake sisters cannot seem to tell if it is aimed at Libby, Ty, or someone else. Readers will find themselves swept away in the gripping plot, pulled along the currents until the very last page.

Reviewed in June 2006 by Paula.

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