by Karen Kay

April 2006
ISBN: 0-425-20920-2
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Mass Market Paperback

The Western American Plains

The early 1830ís

It is said that in every generation a boy is chosen to hopefully grow up to become a mighty warrior and go forth to break the curse that will set his people free from the mist. This story is about one such boy, now a man - a warrior...

Mighty warrior Grey Coyote has until his thirtieth birthday to solve a riddle that his protector has given him. If he is successful, his people trapped in the world of mist will be set free, if not, they are forever trapped in a half-life state. They are there because they betrayed the Thunderer in their greed and indulgences. Follow along with Grey Coyote through his adventures, trials, and passions he will blaze.

It is a game of Cos-soo that propels this story. Grey Coyote will win a wife in this intense and winner-takes-all Indian game of chance. He and English born Marie Marietta Welsford will become man and wife. Grey Coyote has never seen a white woman before this pairing. Her attire and golden beauty is intriguing to him. Marietta is drawn to Grey Coyote's dark handsomeness and completely different way of looking and living his life. Together they will walk down the same path, but each with different goals in mind. It is this wondrous journey and conclusion that will capture the readerís imagination, holding them tightly throughout.

The Spirit of the Wolf is the newest release by authoress Karen Kay. In a field of too few well-written and captivating historical/Native American books, Ms. Kay penned an exceptional tale of love between a proud Indian warrior and the woman who would ultimately be his catalyst and passion. From the title page to the ending, this book held this readerís attention throughout. The descriptions are fully fleshed out, giving the character vitality and a breath of realism. What made this story so unusual was the thread of magical lore of a legend woven intricately into the storyline.

When it comes to capturing the heart and soul of a character, Ms. Kay is truly an outstanding historical writer. What a fascinating and culturally imbibing novel. This reviewer highly recommends The Spirit of the Wolf by Karen Kay.

Reviewed in March 2006 by Janalee.

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