by Delilah Devlin

February 2006
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Sometimes getting back up on the horse that bucked you is not always a good idea. That is a sentiment that Katelyn Carter can stand behind. Moving to Texas to try to get her life back in order after leaving her husband, Katelyn is determined that she will have nothing to do with men again, not unless it is a one-night stand. Being burned once is more than enough for her. Fortunately for her, Sheriffís deputy Daniel Bodine isnít a typical male that is going to be run off by a cold shoulder.

Daniel knows that there is something special about Katelyn, but she keeps throwing age between them. He knows that given some time, and some tender care, she can open herself up again and let the beautiful woman that she is come shining through instead of the woman that she let herself become. What he didnít expect was a confession that could very well ruin the beginning of a love that could set them both free.

Ride a Cowboy was not an easy book for me to read. I have to admit that it took a little time for me to get into the story. Katelynís character was by far too caught up in making excuses for me to really like her in the beginning, and Daniel is just the type of cowboy cop whose boots you want under your bed. But, pushing forward I got caught up in the story and found that I actually enjoyed it very much. I would definitely recommend this story to any romance lover.

Reviewed in March 2006 by Angel.

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