by Arianna Hart

January 2006
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Kaleen inherited a home from her aunt, and although she can't remember her relative, Kaleen loved the house. It was an artistís dream. The lush forest outside her window was proving conducive to her muse. Kaleen could concentrate exclusively on her art. It was also a godsend in helping her to recover from a disastrous relationship. Kaleen didnít know that things were about to step up a notch in her life whether she was ready for it or not. If her erotic dreams were anything to go by then Kaleen was more than ready!

Shape-shifter Joínaz felt Kaleenís soul calling to him in a dream. His quest to find true love had finally been worth it. In Kaleen he found his soulmate. Before he had time to court her properly, evil raised its ugly head to destroy everything in its path. A frightening enemy was in pursuit to keep Kaleen from her destiny: to save the fae realm from Suíare.

The fae queen demanded to know if Kaleen was part fae and insisted she be put to the test. If the test proved Kaleen wasnít fae she would die and so would Joínaz for bringing her into their realm. Kaleen knew she had no choice. While she could not fully understand how she could have any power, one thing Kaleen did know was that if she and Joínaz were to have any kind of future together then she had to take the risk.

Ms. Hart has created a sizzling fantasy that will leave readers breathless for more. Behind the Enchanted Door is a vivid portrait of a mystical place and its charming characters.

Reviewed in July 2006 by Rho.

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