by Jennifer Blake, Heather Graham, Diana Palmer

May 2002
ISBN: 1-55166-876-9
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Mass Market Paperback

Okay romance lovers, grab that tall glass of iced tea, pop that large shady hat on your head and settle down under the magnolias for a healthy dose of romance, Southern style. These three fine writers treat us to the sights, sounds and sweat of love in Louisiana, Georgia and Florida – and the most obvious thing they all have in common is the heat!! The heat of the climate and the heat of the passions.

Jennifer Blake takes us into the life of yet another of her “Louisiana Gentlemen”; this time it’s Adam Benedict who runs into some trouble with a witchy woman and her aunt! The aunt is wanted by the police as a suspect in the murder of her husband, and wanted by the Mob, because her late husband was one of them!!! Lara Kincaid takes one look at Adam and her inner visions tell her this man means trouble. Trouble for her aunt, and trouble for her heart!! Always sensual, and always exciting, Jennifer Blake lives up to her reputation with this story, and adds an interesting almost-paranormal flavor that enhances this romance.

Heather Graham goes to Paradise, Florida, where the planned wedding of two elderly folks in their senior facility is causing ripples throughout the small community. Aurora Beck, widowed mother of a rather unruly teenage daughter, is thrilled when her grandmother announces she’s marrying Mike Wulfson! Mike’s grandson, Max, is not so thrilled – he’s got a Broadway deadline, he has to completely re-write a script within a week, and to top it all off he’s convinced that his grandfather is about to get taken to the cleaners by a young widow who wants to clean out his bank account! How all these issues and misunderstandings are resolved and Max and Aurora learn to love, trust, and relinquish control now and again, makes this a charming love story along Florida’s golden beaches!!

Finally, we have the fun tale penned by Diana Palmer, who plunks an FBI agent into a small Georgia town on vacation at his mother’s house. The fact that he’s been watching the long legged beauty across the street as she tends her illegal crop of greenery hasn’t escaped his mother’s attention. But what he does about it surprises even her! Throw a Mafia hitman, a possible informant, and a large bloodhound into the mix, and here’s a wonderfully funny tale of pride, passion and plantings!!!

All three of these stories are clearly written by the masters of the genre – complete, perfect little snapshots of romance. This anthology is a treat, whether you live in the South or not!!

Reviewed in July 2002 by Celia.