by Christine Feehan

November 2000
ISBN: 0-505-52409-0
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Mass Market Paperback

Christine Feehan is a very well known name in the world of paranormal romance. Her books have won awards, and have a devout following of fans, who love to analyze each and every character, plot twist and villain. After reading this book, I have to ask myself why?

Although I have read a couple of Ms. Feehan’s tales before, this was the first one of her “Dark” series to end up on my reading pile, and I’m sorry to say I probably won’t be rushing out to get more any time soon. Perhaps it would have helped me understand the story line (which covers several books) had I started at the beginning of the series, although the considerable time spent by the hero in explaining the history of the Carpathian species to the heroine was clearly meant to remedy any gaps in my education.

Basically, a very beautiful and ancient Carpathian male, Julian Savage, is about to discombobulate, or whatever horribly old and lonely Carpathian males do when they die. Julian has failed to mate so life isn’t worth living any more! Then he meets the heroine, Desari, who sings like an angel, has incredible Carpathian powers, and restores Julian’s faith in humanity and sex. Not necessarily in that order.

I was struck by what an “f” book this is – “f” for flying which everybody seems to be doing all the time, either as owls, or dust, or clouds, or whatever. “F” also for fighting – although few punches are landed, most is very high-class paranormal fighting, resulting in the squishing of evil and rotting vampire hearts. Yum. And of course, the last “f” for – er – fooling around. Which Julian and Desari do, a lot. Especially after the first two “f”’s, fighting and flying. Nothing like a bit of a dust up and a quick soar to start the hormones dancing!!!

Yes, I apologize, Feehan fans, I just didn’t find these fellows fascinating, fun or fabulous. I struggled to finish this book, because I just hadn’t found anything in Julian or Desari that caught my attention or my heart. They were probably too beautiful to live amongst mortals, and certainly knew how to get kinky with the added mental mind-meld, but they didn’t jump (pardon me, fly) off the pages for me. Having had a serious crush on Laurell K. Hamilton’s vampire for a while now, I was looking forward to this novel, but I was sadly disappointed. Read it if you are a Feehan fan – but I’d certainly encourage starting elsewhere in the series.

Reviewed in July 2002 by Celia.

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