by Sandy Lynn

January 2006
ISBN: 1-933741-78-6
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Research was an integral part of an author’s work. It was the reason Dani Summers was at the club. Being accosted by some drunk was not. Fortunately for Dani, she had a rescuer and a handsome one at that. He seemed reluctant for her to leave the bar. It was possible he didn’t want her leaving with a negative experience for her only memory. Dani found herself hoping it was for another reason altogether. Long after leaving she wasn’t able to get him out of her mind. There was no escaping it; Dani had to see him again. All in the name of research, of course.

Bram was more than pleased when he saw the beautiful brunette return to Club Strigoi almost a month later. He’d almost given up on ever seeing her again. He’d made sure the staff knew to allow her access no questions asked. The doormen had a habit of allowing the scantily clad beauties entrance rather than the more conservative. Like Dani. It seemed that she’d had difficulty gaining admittance on her first visit. That mistake wouldn’t happen again.

It was vampires that brought Dani to the club. Strigoi was a Romanian term for Vampires. What better place to research her new Vampire-theme novel than Club Strigoi? When she told Bram of her motive for being there she was surprised at his reaction. He’d seemed disappointed. And he was. He’d wanted Dani to be there because she wanted to see him. But then, in a way she was. She wanted to do research for a vampire novel. What would she do if she found out he was an actual vampire and that he was more than willing to let her use him...for anything?

Author Sandy Lynn has written a story of two people, one who happens to be a vampire, who have trouble approaching the more they both want with each other. Rather than face rejection Dani tries to settle for friendship while Bram tries to be her friend. Since they met, Dani and Bram can’t face a life without the other one in it. Will they be able to free their hearts and let love happen or will fear rob them of their own happily-ever-after? Buy Novel Experience, the sequel to Beneath the Surface, to find out. It is an enjoyable erotica worth your time.

Reviewed in March 2006 by Rho.

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