by David Lewis

January 2006
ISBN: 0-7642-0051-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Bethany House Publishers
Trade Paperback

Stephen Whitaker had grown up with an alcoholic father who was the joke of the town. The father had also swindled money from most of the town. When another drunk told Stephen it was in the blood—that Stephen would grow up to be just like his father—Stephen vowed it wouldn’t be true.

Now Stephen is married to Donna and they have a beautiful daughter named Alycia who is named after Alice—a woman Stephen has loved and lost. Alycia is inquisitive and keeps asking Stephen about his past and a lot of questions Stephen isn’t prepared to answer. Things start going down hill so slowly that Stephen isn’t even sure when it began. Will it be able to turn his life around to salvage his relationship with his wife and daughter or is it too late?

Saving Alice is a new offering from David Lewis. I haven’t cared much for his voice in the past and Saving Alice wasn’t any different. I couldn’t relate to Stephen as I’ve never known a man who spent most of his time in bars and came home drunk. And I didn’t care much for him as a result.

I did care for Donna and Alycia though, and I hoped that things would work out for them. The faith message is expertly woven in and isn’t obtrusive. If you have liked David Lewis’ past books, then you should enjoy Saving Alice . This is a heavy book, not easily read in one day.

Reviewed in April 2006 by Laura.

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