by Cindy Dees

February 2006
ISBN: 0-373-51393-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Silhouette #79
Mass Market Paperback

Cindy Dees once again gives us a glimpse of these six extraordinary Special Forces females, adeptly named The Medusas. Once again they are pulling an assignment that only a woman could pull off. That is why they were formed. To go where no man can go and get the job done.

The Medusa Game is about a female Olympic athlete of Muslim heritage that is going to skate in the figure skating competition. That is just not done, the females are to stay covered. Anya is the only person to represent her home country of Bhoukar, but she resides with her family in Australia. It seems that Anya now has a death warrant on her head and it is up to Isabella to protect her at all costs.

It seems that Isabella Torres is the lucky Medusa that has pulled the major duty of being the bodyguard for Anya. Isabella seems to have doubts about herself but she doesnít turn away from any danger but meets it head on. This assignment puts her to the test of her own personal life and her family. Can she stay objective?

Her boss for these Olympic games is Major Thorpe. It seems that Dex isnít too keen on working with female Special Forces. But as we know Dex has met his match only he doesnít know it yet. He does try to put Torres in her place but she gets the satisfaction from the outcome not Dex.

The Medusa Game is filled with intrigue, kidnapping, terrorist, attacks and a whole lot more. Of course we canít forgot that all of this is happening in the village of the Olympic game where all the athletes, security and the Olympic officials are staying.

This book is coming out just in time for the Winter Olympics and gives us a brief glimpse of a figure skaters life and a view of behind the scenes. The behind the scenes are not only of the skaters life but the life of the security team as well.

Iím eagerly awaiting the next Medusa story. They seem to get better with each one. We learn just a little bit more about the six women and the insecurities they have about themselves and how they are overcoming them. We canít forget that these amazing women can hold their own against anything thrown at them and it does include the other Special Forces teams.

Reviewed in January 2006 by Pam.

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