by Dana Marton

February 2006
ISBN: 0-373-22902-X
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #902
Mass Market Paperback

Mike McNair has taken an unauthorized leave of absence from the Special Designation Defense Unit (SDDU) to save the only woman he has ever loved. Itís too bad that she is still angry with him. He really felt that two years would lessen her anger at catching him in a hotel room half drunk with two naked women. He was certain that riding to her rescue again would only remind her how much she loved and needed him. Boy did he think wrong.

Tessa Nielsen blames Mike for the loss of her one true dream; to work in Special Forces. Thrown together during training, Tessa and Mike did what only comes natural to a man and a woman, they fell in love. At least thatís what Tessa thought, but that was before he ďsavedĒ her causing her to be kicked out of the Special Forces for ďfailingĒ her mission and requiring Mikeís assistance. But the worst thing he did was to cheat on her while she was in the hospital recuperating. That broke Tessa's heart.

Now they are thrown together in the Alaskan wilderness with no supplies. But thatís not all! They are also being hunted because they are in possession of a nuclear warhead. Suddenly surviving the wild isnít the only thing Tessa and Mike must do, they must also save the world. But will they be able to survive each other?

I love Dana Marton! Her books are well written and exciting and the action in Rogue Soldier is an attention grabber. From waking a hibernating polar bear to the constant battle to save the world, I was spellbound. Unfortunately, I canít say that the characters hooked me as well as the action. Mike had unrealistic visions of what a woman would do. He felt that Tessa would thank him for saving her and fall all over her self to show her gratitude. He seemed to believe that they could pick up where they left off, which, according to Tessa, was him with two naked women. Tessa constantly fought against her attraction to Mike, except during the times she threw her self at him. These two characters were like four separate people: Mike and Tessa, the Special Forces team (whom I liked) and Mike and Tessa, the lovers (whom I didnít like). If you can get past the split personalities and see into the excitement of saving the world in a frozen land, you will enjoy this story as much as I did.

Reviewed in February 2006 by Vikky.

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