by Sheri Gilmore

January 2006
ISBN: 1-59632-195-4
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The great Archangel Michael has been relegated to the Underworld guarding the gates of Hell because of his past lust for a human woman. Adding insult to injury, he is now to baby sit-guard Mercy, Zeus’ daughter. She is being used to ensure Zeus’ cooperation.

Mercy innocently decides to go out with her friend Keisha to check out the new club everyone raves about, House of Purgatory. She figures out that it is really a gateway to the Underworld. She realizes too late that she’s walking into a trap. She begins to realize the depth of her untapped powers and her sexual allure. And she’ll put those weapons to use to get what she wants and she wants a certain sexy angel named Michael.

Hot House 2: Michael and Mercy shows what can happen when the gods disagree. Michael is a sharply developed character, who is destined to be attracted to Mercy, who happens to be his soul mate.

Ms. Gilmore has written a wonderful follow up to this series. The interaction between Michael, Mercy and Raum, the demon Michael assigns to protect her is hot. The story features some bondage and homosexual interplay. I recommend this book!

Reviewed in July 2006 by Noemi.

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