by MaryJanice Davidson

November 2001
ISBN: 1-84360-074-9
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It takes a special kind of writer to produce an erotic fantasy using an armadillo suit and a jar of sour pickles!! Mary Janice Davidson is a very special kind of writer!! Find out just how special she is by reading this very funny, very sexy tale of two mismatched lovers and their extraordinary adventures.

Dr. Jared Dean is a typical overworked, undernourished, underappreciated, very good looking E.R. physician. Nothing about his night shift suggested that he’d meet the woman of his dreams, nor did anything suggest she might be engaged in fierce hand-to-hand combat with a vicious looking individual whose eyebrows had met and married years ago, and who looked quite capable of filling all the beds in the emergency room single handedly!! Even more surprising was the fact that the petite blonde was quite definitely giving the unibrowed thug a whuppin’!!

Yes, the circumstances are far fetched, and the plot a little like something out of a Dick Tracy cartoon, but all that pales into insignificance beside the wonderful characters that are Jared and his new bodyguard, Kara. Tough, independent, always-in-control Kara is completely undone by Jared’s charm and humor! The fact that he’s gorgeous and lights up her sex gene doesn’t hurt either!! Jared, for his part, has to restrain himself from immediately rushing out and buying a small house with a white picket fence and planting lots of roses – he’s bowled over, hard as a rock, and as desperate to get inside her panties as he is to get inside her heart. And her life too, oh - and should their first child be a girl or a boy? As you can see, Jared is a delightful scatterbrained eccentric who is headlong in lust and love!!!

I laughed so hard while I was reading this eBook that my family wanted to know what the joke was – unfortunately I couldn’t share it!!! This book is hot – steamy, sensually hot - and while not as graphically erotic as some of her fellow Ellora’s Cave writers, Mary Janice Davidson’s characters can certainly hold their own in between the sheets - or in a closet for that matter. So I stifled my laughter and finished this story in barely-held silence – it’s so much fun I’m going to read it again when the house is empty and I can let those belly laughs out without restraint!!

Reviewed in July 2002 by Celia.

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