by Moira Wallace

January 2006
ISBN: 1-58608-808-4
Reviewer Graphic Button New Concepts Publishing

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Blair Garnier, had been travelling the world trying to find the pirates who killed his parents. He hated travelling the seas, but felt he had to avenge their deaths. Then he is attacked and kidnapped. When he comes to he finds himself a prisoner aboard a pirate ship. But the captain is a woman, a very attractive woman that soon has Blair's senses on fire for her. Captain Celeste Ward is no ordinary pirate.

This is a pirate romance tale with a twist. The pirate is the heroine instead of the hero!

The story is good. The plot clever and the hero and heroine are very likeable, in their different ways.

The author gives good descriptions of the sea voyage and the fight between Celeste's ship and another pirate ship. She makes it very interesting without dragging out the story. There is no padding just good crisp story telling and dialogue.

Moira Wallace teases the reader with hints at a secret in Celeste's background that could affect how Blair views her. This whets the reader's appetite to learn what the secret is. The author cleverly takes the reader with her in the direction of the story without becoming boring.

There are many good strong secondary characters like Celeste's pirate crew and Blair's friend Jean, who all add their own parts to the tale. The secondary cast rounds out this story nicely.

This a book worth buying if you enjoy a good historical romance with a dash of piracy in it. And if you haven't tried this type of romance this is a good book to start with. An enjoyable read.

Reviewed in July 2006 by Mary.

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