by Celeste Anwar

January 2006
ISBN: 1-58608-534-4
Reviewer Graphic Button New Concepts Publishing

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Having captured and tortured the beast, the government wants desperately to obtain his seed in order to clone him. However, every try has failed until one observant Doctor realizes that the beast has eyes only for one person. Erin Maddox canít stand the beast and refuses to help the harvest. She is given an injection that causes desire and lust to run rampant. Then Erin is shoved into the cage with the beast.

Jesse Stone has spent, what feels like, an eternity in captivity. The one bright spot is when Erin brings his food. She never talks or looks at him, yet she is so beautiful and he is extremely attracted to her. When she is shoved, drugged, into his cell, Erinís smell overcomes Jesseís self-imposed celibacy and takes her. When all is said and done, Jesse promise himself to kill everyone in his prison and torture Erin for her use of him as well as her lies.

Erin causes a distraction allowing Jesse to escape, only to remain prisoner herself. When she is given a chance to escape, Erin takes it and hopes to find Jesse. He has marked her and as a result she canít live without him. However, there is something more important than Jesse that keeps Erin going. She needs him to help her, but can they work together or will past pains keep them apart?

Celeste Anwar has always been a favorite author for me. Her Cajun Werewolves are to die for with their alpha attitude and beautiful accents. Utter Domination is no less than I expected it to be. Jesse is uber alpha due to his capture and torture. Erin is also forced to be a tough fighter due to her imprisonment. Yet both these characters have insecurities that hold them back from each other. The resulting heartache twists your heart and stomach. Ms. Anwar has such a wonderfully emotional way about her writing that has always drawn me in. This story is no less powerful.

There is one issue in this book, while it didnít take away from the story it continually stopped the flow of my reading. Jesseís heavy Cajun accent suddenly disappears towards the end of the story. Also, there are word errors throughout the entire book. While this diminishes a readerís enjoyment in the story it still doesnít take away from the fact that Ms. Anwar is an awesome writer.

Reviewed in April 2006 by Vikky.

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