by Erin Grady

April 2006
ISBN: 0-425-20963-6
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Mass Market Paperback

Gracie Beck swore she would never go back to Diablo Springs, the small boomtown that was once home to gamblers, outlaws and miners. Raised there, Gracie never called the place home, and has no wish to return there – ever. That is until she inherits the Diablo Hotel from her grandmother. They say the hotel is cursed, haunting her family for years. Gracie doesn’t believe in curses, but she does believe that evil lurks in Diablo Springs.

Going back to the town of her youth, Gracie starts to uncover secrets long buried in Diablo Springs, but with those secrets she also unleashes a force that has been haunting her family for centuries, that is now threatening the lives of everyone she cares about. And with the arrival of Nathan Reilly, a man Gracie has tried so hard to forget, she knows that centuries of evil must finally come to an end.

Whispers is a truly stimulating romantic suspense. There is a gothic feel to the book that makes this a stunning thriller. Drawing the reader in right from the very first page, Ms. Grady weaves an astounding tale of love, deceit and good old fashioned eeriness that had this reviewer turning the pages late into the night.

The book essentially revolves around the lives of two women – Ella and Gracie Beck. Although related, they live hundreds of years apart. Ella in 1890, Gracie in the present. Yet both are haunted by the evil of one man. The book itself is set in both the present and the past; the story of these two women unfolds over the chapters and finally unleashes revelations that will affect every character in the book. The characters themselves are fascinating, as a reader though, you will be left in suspense throughout the whole story, because not everything is as it seems. The blossoming love story between Gracie and Reilly is touching to read and mirrors the romance of Ella and Sawyer.

Packed full of dramatic suspense, tense chapters, broad narrative, and likable characters Whispers is a must for all romance lovers who appreciate a haunting tale.

Reviewed in August 2006 by Donna.

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