by Cherry Adair

June 2006
ISBN: 0-345-48520-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Ballantine Books
Mass Market Paperback

Edge of Danger by Cherry Adair is the first book in a trilogy featuring three brothers who are operatives in the classified paranormal unit of T-FLAC, the counter-terrorism group. Each brother has a unique gift to bring to T-FLAC …… and a family curse!

Gabriel Edge is a member of T-FLAC’s psi section and a wizard! His particular talents are mind-reading, getting into and out of places invisibly or “teleporting” and the ability to create solid objects from thought. With this latest mission he’ll need all of these talents, plus! A top-secret lab has reported the theft of a robot and the murder of one of the members of the of the creating team. T-FLAC fears that the bot was stolen by terrorists for nefarious purposes. It’s Gabriel’s mission to get “into” the head of another creator and get all schematics, notes and pertinent information in the hopes that T-FLAC can create another bot, in order to destroy the first one. However, Gabriel is reluctant because the person in question is Dr. Eden Cahill, the woman of his dreams – and nightmares – and possibly his Lifemate!

Eden is a genius who, unbeknownst to almost everyone, is actually the brains behind the stolen robot. What absolutely no one knows is that she has a photographic memory and while all notes, etc. were destroyed, she still has everything needed to create more of the potentially deadly bots. Since the death of her mentor, she has berated herself for taking the bot to the extreme that she did because while she created it to do good works, it has come to her attention that it can also do terrible things. All she wants to do is forget what she created, but that won’t happen any time soon since Gabriel teleports her out her locked lab to his house in order to get that second bot built!

I loved Edge of Danger. Gabriel is such a tortured Alpha, with the curse hanging over his head and meeting his Lifemate in the middle of one of the most important T-FLAC operations. He falls head over heels but refuses to admit it to anyone but himself! Eden is such a spunky heroine. As a scientist, she’s always curious and most of what she sees at Gabriel’s house she knows is impossible – and yet she’s seeing it! Her love for Gabriel is deep – deeper than she thought possible! I didn’t think Cherry Adair could get any better but she comes up with a paranormal twist and I’m proven so very wrong! I have the next book in this trilogy waiting for me so I’m off to read! You should do the same – get this book NOW!!!!

Reviewed in August 2006 by PamL.

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