by Gayle Eden

January 2006
ISBN: 1-905393-25-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Linden Bay Romance

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Raelyn isnít happy about going home, but she doesnít have a choice. Her twin brother, Ty, is back home recovering from a rodeo accident and she has run out of the last of her money. She doesnít want and hasnít in the last couple of years the money set aside by her father.

Raelyn has a big chip on her shoulder towards her father and the ranch where they grew up. She and her brother didnít see eye to eye with their father and left as soon as they could, each going their separate ways. She always wanted to make it big in the singing industry, but a few bad choices along the way, she had never made it big. Now to her she is crawling back to the last place she ever wanted to be again, Cougar Ranch.

To Raelyn, Hud McKabe her daddyís right hand man is still like he was all those years ago. He was silent and didnít miss much going on around him. It seems the crush that she had on him over eight years ago didnít go away. It flares up hot and heavy when they meet again.

Hud is the quiet and silent type but doesnít miss much especially where Raelyn is concerned. It also doesnít help the two of them that they are sharing the guesthouse, granted, it is big and has several bedrooms and enough room to avoid someone if wanted or needed too.

Rock My World isnít just about Raelyn and Hud. The question is can Raelyn learn to forgive and move forward. But it is the struggle along the way to find oneself, to discover that time can change people and that all along they might have just had your best interest at heart and didnít want to see you struggle.

Ms. Eden gave us a story full of twists, turns and bumps. The secondary characters help play a minor role of moving the story along. It also gives several of the characters a second chance at their own happiness. Now if they take the chance given to them and of course they get some help from Raelyn. The second chances are also not just for the secondary characters but also for Raelyn and Hud and maybe just making their wishes come true.

Reviewed in June 2006 by Pam.

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